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I am a daydream believer living my artist dream.  I would describe my work as “whimsical renderings of the ordinary.” Along with regional fine art shows, I am a licensing partner with Creative Co-op a trend-setting wholesale company. 


I grew up in rural south Tennessee, where I learned to love the outdoors, square dance and dream big. I dreamed about pretty things, big cities and an even bigger world that I would someday see. I saw that big world and settled in the heart of Music City- Nashville. I am a country girl living a simple urban life. My personality is big and my gratitude for my place in this world even bigger. I share my life with my one great love who gives me a million reasons to smile. My life has been a journey that has brought me many lessons that have served to teach me much about joy, love, hope and forgiveness. The ULTIMATE pretty things. My art is a representation of that journey- layered, bold, fun and full of spirit.

    The Artful Approach to Life and Work




My licensed work is available in a number of stores.

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